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Sorority Spanking

Mar 29, 2014  · A while back, commenter Tony offered to share a few memories of real-life spanking in sororities in the 1960’s. As Tony says, “Hazing was allowed and practiced back then.” While we are reliant on word of mouth for precise details, the results of some of these practices were visible to those close to the victims,

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Monique, Shelly, and Giselle sat apprehensively before the sorority Disciplinary Panel. They each had broken different rules but knew they were all in big trouble.

Spanking 02Sorority spankings have always been a perennial fascination. Not least because of the secrecy that surrounds the college sisterhoods. Also from a British point of view sororities have always seemed exotic because there is no formal or informal sorority system outside sports clubs in the UK.

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Nov 11, 2016  · Chross – An excellent spanking blog.Full of interesting finds from around the world. My Bottom Smarts – Run by a very generous blogger called Bonnie. Chicago Spanking Review – A free site with hundreds of spanking panels from comic books and other material. Richard Windsor – He digs deep to find interesting material, including numerous vintage sorority spanking images.